Your views on Norfolk Fire and Rescue's draft IRMP 2020-23

Closed 10 Dec 2019

Opened 23 Oct 2019


By law, Norfolk's Fire and Rescue Service has to produce an Integrated Risk Management Plan, or IRMP for short. This sets out how we will achieve our goals of improving public safety, reducing the number of emergency incidents and saving lives.

We have developed a draft plan for 2020-2023. In it we set out the changes we predict in community risks and how we plan to deal with these.

National incidents such as Grenfell Tower have changed the context our service works in. As a result, our draft plan has a greater focus on community fire protection.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to hear your views on our draft IRMP. In particular we want to find out if you think we're heading in the right direction with our proposals for the future. We also welcome any comments on our plan in general.

We will take a report about what you said about our draft IRMP in this consultation to our county councillors at their Cabinet meeting on 13 January 2020. The feedback will also be reported at Full Council on 17 February 2020. 

If you would like to read the whole draft IRMP before feeding back your views then either click here, for it to open in a new window, or click on the link below in the 'Related' section to download a copy.

We have summarised sections of the plan which can you can read as you work your way through the feedback form.



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