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Wymondham 52896
Mulbarton schools reorganisation - statutory public notice
Weston Longville Traffic Calming
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Great Yarmouth Railway Links
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Hellesdon 52981
Great Witchingham and Sparham 48811
Your views on our proposal to change the way we work out how much people pay towards the cost of their adult social care services
Roughton 52911
Overstrand 52946
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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

What do you think of our proposal to change our road crossing patrol policy?

You Said

The vast majority of people who responded to our consultation disagreed with our proposal.

Most of the comments we received were points about specific road crossing patrol sites, rather than about the principle of using the Road Safety GB criteria to assess whether sites should have a road crossing patrol.

The most common response was that people felt our proposal would significantly increase the risk of accidents, and of a child or parent / carer being injured or killed.

You can read the findings of the consultation here.

We Did

Our Children's Services Comittee decided not to proceed with the proposal to change our road crossing patrol policy. We will continue with our policy of reviewing sites when a member of staff leaves their post.

We Asked

Your Voice members: What do you think of Your Voice and how can we make it better?

You Said

It would be great to get more feedback about the results of the surveys you've completed, the projects you've been involved in and the impact you've had.

You'd like to be asked about a broader range of topics and have the opportunity to discuss issues face-to-face.

We Did

We've started to use the 'We asked, you said, we did' part of our website to give you feedback at a glance. We're also going to send our online and postal members more detailed and regular feedback. We'll highlight where our findings have been presented to councillors and other decision makers.

We'll continue to send you surveys and other opportunities about topics where you can influence decisions about public services, as well as explore arranging more meetings and events for you to share your views directly with decision-makers.

We Asked

How could libraries be used by communities in the future?

You Said

For events and activities, supporting literacy, running community services, providing access to high speed internet, supporting lifelong learning, job seeking and health and well being.

We Did

Library managers have looked at all the suggestions made in individual libaries and are making changes to improve services