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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

For your views on our proposal to reduce the amount we automatically allow for Disability Related Expenditure from £15.00 to £7.50 a week.

You Said

That people with disabilities are already struggling with additional costs associated with a disability and cannot afford more.  However, those who agreed with the proposal told us they felt that cuts have to be shared by everyone.

We Did

Our councillors agreed to go ahead with this proposal to save money.  If anyone spends more than £7.50 on DRE they can ask for a review and if they can provide evidence that they are spending more on disability related expenditure we may allow them the actual amount they spend.

We Asked

What do you think of our proposal to change our road crossing patrol policy?

You Said

The vast majority of people who responded to our consultation disagreed with our proposal.

Most of the comments we received were points about specific road crossing patrol sites, rather than about the principle of using the Road Safety GB criteria to assess whether sites should have a road crossing patrol.

The most common response was that people felt our proposal would significantly increase the risk of accidents, and of a child or parent / carer being injured or killed.

You can read the findings of the consultation here.

We Did

Our Children's Services Comittee decided not to proceed with the proposal to change our road crossing patrol policy. We will continue with our policy of reviewing sites when a member of staff leaves their post.

We Asked

What your views were on our proposal to save £0.063m in 2017-18 by changing the way we provide information, advice and advocacy.

You Said

It's important to offer choice in how information and advice services can be accessed and that staff have an important role in delivering information and advice services.

We Did

At our Council meeting on 20 February 2017 councillors agreed to delay making this saving until 2018-19.