Norfolk Strategic Framework

Closed 22 Sep 2017

Opened 2 Aug 2017

Feedback expected 7 Dec 2017

Results updated 9 Jan 2018

Please find below the final draft Norfolk Strategic Framework for endorsement by each local authority and a summary of the comments of those responding to our consultation on the draft Norfolk Strategic Framework along with our response. 




Working together as part of the duty to co-operate all of the Norfolk Planning Authorities, together with others, have prepared a strategic framework document. We are now publishing the first draft of the framework for consultation.

The Norfolk Strategic Framework covers the whole of the County and aims to provide high level strategic guidance to inform the next round of Local Plans which are being prepared by each of the Planning Authorities in the County. The document is not a formal plan and consequently it makes no specific development proposals nor does it include any planning policies, rather, the intention is that each of the planning authorities will endorse a set of Agreements which they will then aim to achieve when they prepare their respective local plans.

The document explains the main demographic, household and employment forecasts and how these affect the future development needs of the County, outlines national planning policy requirements, and includes high level visions relating to the economy, climate change, housing, quality of life and the environment. 

For further information on the work of the Norfolk Strategic Planning Member Forum and about the process for preparing this draft framework please see the Forum’s website

Evidence documents referred to in the framework can be viewed via the links embedded in the document or found below.

Why your views matter

In preparing this document Norfolk’s Local Authorities have sought to engage with a wide range of bodies with an interest and expertise in matters related to strategic planning.

However, wider engagement is also necessary to inform this document. Comments on all aspects of the framework are welcomed from any organisation or individual with an interest in Norfolk’s future.

You can read the document and comment on it by clicking on the button below:

Please note:  Your consultation feedback will be held by Norfolk County Council and shared with all of the Norfolk Planning Authorities listed in this draft framework.  We will only use it for consultation purposes in order to help develop the Norfolk Strategic Framework.  


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