Consultation on proposed changes to services for the Gypsy Roma Traveller community

Closed 28 Apr 2013

Opened 18 Feb 2013

Results updated 3 Jun 2013

The 'GRT consultation findings' document sets out what we wanted to find out, how we asked people for their views and what they told us.

The 'GRT consultation feedback' document is a summary of what we asked people, what you said and what we have done.



Norfolk County Council is proposing to make changes to the services we provide to the Gypsy Roma Traveller community, including the support we provide to children and young people at school.  We want to make changes to ensure that all children and young people from the Gypsy Roma Traveller community are supported to do well at school, and to make sure that the service is financially secure.  We are proposing a new way of working that places a greater emphasis on training and supporting school staff, building their capacity and helping them to raise and sustain standards themselves.  We also want to make changes so that we deliver a less confusing and more streamlined service to the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community.


  • All Areas


  • Gypsies or travellers
  • Voluntary groups and organisations
  • Schools


  • Children and young people
  • Race issues
  • Education and early years