Norfolk County Council Local Transport Plan 4 (2020- 2036)

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Closes 9 Nov 2020

Background to the Local Transport Plan

The current Local Transport Plan was agreed in 2011. It describes Norfolk County Council’s strategy and policies for funding of roads and other transport infrastructure.

Norfolk County Council is the Highways Authority and is responsible for maintenance and management of most public roads and rights of way in Norfolk (except the A47 and A11 which are the responsibility of Highways England). The County Council has a major influence on provision of other transport services such as public transport, but is not responsible for bus services, ports, airport or rail services. Our significant influence is exercised through working with partners, government and operators to improve these where possible.

This consultation is focused on the strategy. Once the strategy is agreed we will develop an Implementation Plan, looking at how we can deliver the aims of the strategy, and will consult on this in 2021.

Existing Vision

A transport system that allows residents and visitors a range of low carbon options to meet their transport needs and attracts and retains business investment in the county.

The draft aims and objectives of the new Local Transport Plan are:

  • Embracing the Future
  • Delivering a sustainable Norfolk
  • Enhancing connectivity
  • Enhancing Norfolk’s quality of life
  • Increasing accessibility
  • Improving transport safety
  • Well managed and maintained transport network