Your views on closing Mayton Wood Recycling Centre and moving operations to the new Norwich North Recycling Centre

Closed 26 Jun 2023

Opened 15 May 2023


Norfolk County Council continues to work in challenging financial circumstances. In February County Councillors agreed Norfolk County Council’s 2023-24 budget which aims to tackle a £60m gap in finances and protect key services.

One way we have considered saving money in this year’s budget is to look at how we run our recycling centres in Norfolk. Following public consultation in autumn/winter 2022 a proposal to close all of Norfolk’s recycling centres on Wednesdays was not introduced, however, a proposal to align summer and winter opening hours for recycling centres was approved, so from 1 April 2023 recycling centres now close at 4pm all year round.

A further proposal to close Mayton Wood Recycling Centre to save £70,000 a year was also identified earlier when Cabinet met on 30 January 2023 so we are now consulting on this proposal.

Why your views matter

We now want your views on the proposed closure of Mayton Wood Recycling Centre and moving operations to the new Norwich North Recycling Centre.

We want to know your thoughts on our approach and the impact this would have on how you recycle, participate in reuse and dispose of your waste in the future.

We would like to hear how the closure and movement of operations to a nearby site would affect you, as this will help us to understand the possible impact the closure could have on residents, and we will use this information to help shape our plans.

The site operators, Norse Environmental Waste Services Ltd (NEWS) will also hold a staff consultation for employees who may be impacted by the proposal to close the recycling centre and if the proposal went ahead the County Council would support NEWS in offering alternative employment within the service wherever possible.


What happens next

We’re asking for your feedback on the proposal to close Mayton Wood Recycling centre. The responses will be considered at a meeting of Norfolk County Council’s cabinet before a final decision is made.


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