Transport for Attleborough

Closed 13 Aug 2017

Opened 17 Jul 2017

Results expected 15 Sep 2017

Feedback expected 27 Oct 2017


The potential schemes presented in this consultation make up the Transport for Attleborough project which was successfully awarded £4.5m funding to support the planned growth within Attleborough.

The key aim of this project is to improve all forms of transport within Attleborough which will help the town grow as smoothly and successfully as possible.

The proposals aim to resolve some of the current problems with the road and transport networks, help people get into and around the town centre and try to prevent further congestion from increasing traffic levels from the planned development. 

Over the past year we have developed a range of initial proposals and ideas which we feel will resolve the issues we have identified.

Why We Are Consulting

Whilst the project funding is significant it will not be possible to make it stretch far enough to resolve all of these issues. Therefore we are seeking comments to help us prioritise  the improvements and to see whether we have missed anything.

We want your comments so we can check whether we have got the priorities correct.

We will carefully consider all comments received during the public consultation to help us prioritise these improvement schemes and decide the order in which to deliver them. 

We will then decide  which proposals to take forward to the detailed design stage and then to construction. During the detailed design phase we might carry out additional local consultation with affected residents and businesses, especially where traffic regulation orders are required.

Subject to approval and local support, we hope that  construction work can start in January 2018 and we expect to complete all construction work by March 2020.

Tell us what you think of our proposals by completing our online survey or by coming to our event at Attleborough Town Hall on Tuesday 18 July - it is a drop-in event so come see us anytime between 12-8pm.


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