Shelton with Hardwick Community Primary School

Closed 16 Jul 2019

Opened 4 Jun 2019


The proposal is to close Shelton with Hardwick Community Primary School with effect from 31st December 2019 and to extend the catchment area of Hempnall Primary School (Community), to accommodate the change.

Shelton with Hardwick Community Primary school is a primary school taking pupils from the age of 4 years to 11 years and is designated as a rural school (rural hamlet with isolated dwellings) by the Department for Education, 2017.

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation on the proposed closure of Shelton with Hardwick Community Primary School was brought forward as a request from the Governing Board of the school on 19 May 2019.  The governors reluctantly requested the Council to consult on closure of the school as;

  • There will not be any pupils at the school from 1 September 2019.

There are a number of aspects that the County Council as the Decision Maker must take into account when considering the organisation of schools to ensure it is in the best interest of children’s education and achievement.  These include school leadership, performance, impact on the community, diversity of provision, need for places, travel, early years provision and special education provision.


Why are we also consulting on a change of catchment area?

The proposal to close Shelton with Hardwick Community Primary School has an impact on the catchment area for children from the area.  Norfolk County Council is proposing to extend the Hempnall catchment area to include Shelton with Hardwick.




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