School Term Dates for the school year 2020/21

Closed 13 Dec 2018

Opened 1 Nov 2018

Feedback updated 21 Jan 2019

We asked

We asked for your comments on the proposed school term dates for 2020 - 2021.

You said

We received 53 responses in total.  Please see the results section and the attached analysis in the consultation report.

We did

We have agreed the school term dates for 2020 - 2021 and they are now published on Norfolk County Council's website.  Click here.


Results updated 21 Jan 2019

53 responses were received.

21 respondents (40%) strongly agreed and 15 respondents (28%) agreed with the proposed school term dates.

10 respondents (19%) disagreed or strongly disagreed with the proposed school term dates.


53% responses agreed or strongly agreed with the proposed staff training dates.  36% responses  disagreed or strongly disagreed with the proposed staff training dates.

A more detailed analysis summary of the results is available below.



Local Authorities have a duty to set the school term dates for local authority maintained schools, such as community and voluntary controlled schools.  Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided Schools and Academies are responsible for setting their own term dates.  In practice, most of the schools in Norfolk, use the same term dates.

Schools must be open to pupils for 190 days in an academic year and 195 days for teachers.

Norfolk County Council works with other local authorities nearby to set proposed dates for an academic year – this is known as the Eastern Region Model Calendar.  We do this because we feel it is better to have a co-ordinated approach to setting school term dates to minimise the impact on families and school transport provision.

This consultation will close on Thursday 13th December 2018. 


Why your views matter

We would like to know what you think about the proposed term dates for 2020/2021.


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