Blofield Primary Expansion

Closes 24 Feb 2023

Opened 9 Jan 2023


It is proposed to increase the number of pupils at Blofield Primary School, from 210 pupils to 420 pupils and move into a new school building (see image on Consultation Document below), Plantation Road, Blofield, NR13 4PL.    These changes would come into effect from 1 September 2024.

Our proposal is in response to the new homes being built in the area.  The County Council has a statutory duty (Section 14, Education Act 1996) to plan and secure sufficient school places for their area to meet the needs of its children and families and therefore it is obliged to plan for the expansion of its school capacity.

In the Blofield/Brundall area, it is expected there will be 531 new homes, of which 400 are still to be built.  This increase in new homes and new families, means we are expecting more primary school aged children.  The current schools in Blofield and Brundall cannot accommodate these extra children. 

The new school will ensure the school serves its current catchment and supports with the growth across Blofield and Brundall. Brundall school does not have any capacity to expand further due to its shape and site size. It is proposed to build a new primary school in Blofield which will provide 60 pupil places per year group, with an overall capacity of 420 places on a single site to the eastern side of Plantation Road.

Norfolk County Council considered the option of expanding the current Blofield Primary School, but this is not possible due to the shape, site size and layout. 

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