Travel Norfolk - E-Cargo bikes for business

Closed 7 May 2023

Opened 17 Apr 2023


Electric Cargo bikes also known as E-Cargo bikes, are being adopted in cities the world over as a solution to congestion and poor air quality in our cities.

E-Cargo bikes are electric bicycles designed and constructed specifically for transporting loads (e.g food items, hardware, consumer parcels). 

They also boast considerable lower operating cost than vans and are nimble enough to provide a practical solution for small / medium local freight, including last mile delivery.

Image of a lady riding an E-Cargo bike


Why your views matter

This survey will help shape an e-cargo bike library for businesses in Norwich city centre and we hope that you make use of  the E-Cargo Bike library when it is operational.

The E-Cargo bikes will be available from July 2023 and the pilot will run at least until March 2025.

Norfolk County Council will be tendering the work and the project is funded by The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

What happens next

Once this survey has been completed and the results analysed the information will help us shape the E-Cargo Bike Library for businesses tender. Your contribution is gratefully received, and this information will help shape the tender specification.


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