Silica Sand Review of the Minerals Site Specific Allocations Plan

Closed 21 Dec 2015

Opened 6 Nov 2015

Results expected 11 Apr 2016


Norfolk County Council has to produce and maintain a Minerals Plan.  It sets out how much mineral extraction is needed and it is used when we are considering planning applications.  The Minerals Plan covers the whole of Norfolk.  This consultation is about the extraction of silica sand which is only found in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

The Minerals Site Specific Allocations Plan (adopted in October 2013) contains a requirement for a Silica Sand Review of the Plan to be completed by 2016.  The purpose of the Silica Sand Review is to address the predicted shortfall, of 2.5 million tonnes, in the quantity of silica sand extraction sites allocated in the Plan, by designated sites or areas or search which would be suitable to meet this shortfall.  The Silica Sand Review covers the remaining period of the Plan, which ends in 2026.

Why your views matter

Following an Initial Consultation on the Silica Sand Review earlier in 2015, the next stage in the process is the Preferred Options Consultation.  The Preferred Options Consultation document contains one specific site for silica sand extraction and ten areas of search which have been defined by planning officers.  Areas of search are larger areas within which permission for silica sand extraction may be granted on a smaller area of land.  We want to know what you think about the suitability of the specific site and the areas of search for future silica sand extraction.

Please read the preferred options consultation document and supporting documents at the link below.



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