Recycling centre customer satisfaction survey 2019

Closed 5 Apr 2019

Opened 14 Feb 2019

Results updated 6 Aug 2019

Each year Norfolk County Council measures customer satisfaction at the recycling centres through an online satisfaction survey. The 2018-19 survey ran from 14 Feb – end of March 2019 and collected 1,105 responses.

The question we use to measure the satisfaction levels is: “Thinking about the Recycling Centre you use the most, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the recycling centre overall?”

This year, 79.5% of respondents are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the recycling centres.  Positive comments included how helpful the staff were when customers visited and also the tidy and professional look of the recycling centres.

Our recycling centres continue to provide a good service to the residents of Norfolk.  However it is clear that reduced opening hours and the DIY charges policy are not popular.  Read more about our policy changes here.

Overall the satisfaction rate remains good.  However, there are areas of improvements highlighted by customers including:

  • improving the help given to customers who are in need for whatever reason – staff training in customer service has been increased
  • reducing the amount of steps in use – we are installing new compactors to reduce the amount of steps on the recycling centres and  whilst we can’t replace all sets of steps we are improving the ones we already have
  • customers’ would like to see more reuse options so items are passed on to others – we are increasing the number of reuse shops with two new ones now open at Wells and Bergh Apton with more to follow.

The majority of customers told us they prefer to receive information on recycling centres either by talking to the staff, receiving a leaflet, performing an internet search or reading an online newsletter. You can sign up for an online recycling newsletter here.


Norfolk County Council provides a network of 20 recycling centres. Last year we handled nearly 75,000 tonnes of waste of which just over 77% was recycled, avoiding waste treatment and disposal.

To help us continue to provide an efficient and value for money service in the coming years, we want to find out your views about the recycling centres that you use. 

Why we are consulting

We will use your views to help improve our recycling centre services.


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