Re-imagining Norfolk Libraries

Closed 17 Nov 2015

Opened 2 Oct 2015

Feedback updated 23 Mar 2016

We asked

How could libraries be used by communities in the future?

You said

For events and activities, supporting literacy, running community services, providing access to high speed internet, supporting lifelong learning, job seeking and health and well being.

We did

Library managers have looked at all the suggestions made in individual libaries and are making changes to improve services

Results updated 23 Mar 2016

You can read the feedback from our libary service here

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Help us to imagine the future of Norfolk's library service 

As part of Re-imagining Norfolk we are thinking about the role that our library service should play and how local communities can help us to achieve this.  

We know that we will have less money to spend in the future so your library service can’t stay the same as it is now. 

We also know that you are already changing the way that you use library services.  Many of you already use the service to down load e-books, while fewer of you are using reference books as the internet becomes a prime source of information. Some of you use libraries to access the internet, and many libraries are bustling places with a wide range of community activities taking place.

Faced with the challenge of meeting Norfolk’s changing needs with less money to spend we invite you to join the debate. 

Why your views matter

We want to find out …

  • What you think the library service should be for
  • What you think we could change or do differently to deliver a service that suits you
  • What part you, or your community, could play in the library service of the future

We wil then use our findings to help us plan the Norfolk library of the future.

What happens next

We are looking at the feedback we received from each of our libraries and this will help us to better meet the needs of our communities.  We are using the information you gave us about opening hours to help plan our service in the future.  We are also looking at the vision for our library service and are using your feedback to help us.


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