Your views on the draft Norfolk Access Improvement Plan (NAIP) 2018-2028

Closed 15 Jun 2018

Opened 14 Mar 2018

Results updated 27 Mar 2019

The Norfolk Access Improvement Plan (NAIP) 2019 – 2029 which incorporates the Norfolk Rights of Way Improvement Plan is a statutory document required under the CROW Act which sets of priorities for improving the rural and urban footpath network. The NAIP replaces the previous 10 year plan.

Norfolk County Council consulted on the draft NAIP between 16th March 2018 and 15th June 2018. Comments were fed in through: (i) a Citizen Space online public survey which focussed on future user need, but gave the opportunity for comments on all parts of the plan. The survey link was widely promoted and available to all. Direct email feedback was accepted. (ii) a structured stakeholder event, which focussed on the Statement of Actions and sought help with identifying gaps and opportunities for collaboration. This was by invitation only. Online public survey There were 102 responses to consultation, of which 18 were manually input into the survey software to capture their qualitative information (because the responses were made by email). Of the 84 who made their response online, 68 agreed (strongly agreed or agreed) with the aims of the Plan. Many comments were put forward with ideas to consider for future user group needs. The Norfolk Local Access Forum provided invaluable support and advice with evaluating comments received to enable them to be integrated them into the revised plan.

The online consultation was supported by a stakeholder engagement event that sought help with identifying gaps and opportunities for collaboration in the Plan’s Statement of Actions. 41 people attended representing 18 organisations. The original timetable for completion of the plan was altered to allow more time to integrate all the NLAF’s recommendations. Document visuals were completed and the plan was signed off at the 30th January 2019 meeting. The plan was adopted by Norfolk County Council on 8th March 2019 at a meeting of the Environment Development and Transport committee.



We have developed a draft Norfolk Access Improvement Plan for Norfolk 2018–2028 which incorporates the Rights of Way Improvement Plan. The draft Plan sets out priorities for improving access to the countryside for residents of Norfolk and visitors to our county over the next ten years.

The document will replace the previous 10 year plan which was reviewed as required under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW Act, 2000). 

We now want to consult with as many user groups as possible to help us draw out priority areas to address future need.

Although our online survey links through to sections of the draft NAIP it might help to read a copy of the draft plan before responding. You can read or download a PDF version of the draft plan here (which will open in a new window).

You can download a hard copy of the draft plan and feedback form from the links below if your prefer. We will also accept your feedback on the plan via email at


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