Consultation on the future of Burman House care home

Closed 20 Nov 2018

Opened 25 Sep 2018

Feedback updated 1 Mar 2019

We asked

For your views on our proposal on the future of Burman House care home.

You said

The most common response was that people felt our proposal could negatively affect the wellbeing and health of Burman House residents.  

We did

We decided not to proceed with the proposal to close Burman House care home. Instead, Burman House will be transformed into a specialist dementia care home with 30 beds.


Norse Care is Norfolk’s largest care home provider, managing residential care homes and housing with care schemes across the county.  We are owned by Norfolk County Council.

We regularly review how we work to make sure that we are providing excellent care while being as efficient as possible.  So that we can focus our time and money on caring for the people who live in our homes and housing with care schemes, we have made all sorts of changes to make our services more efficient over the past few years.  These changes have included making sure we get the best value for money when we buy things, making sure that we have the right number of staff, with the right mixture of skills and reviewing our accommodation to ensure we are able to meet the future needs of older people.

However, Norfolk County Council and Norse Care are currently operating in a particularly challenging financial environment.  We are both faced with rising costs, such as the national living wage, and we are affected by the reductions in public spending.

So Norse Care has recently reviewed the costs of its 18 residential care homes for older people to see what we can additionally do to make sure we are providing good, sustainable and affordable care.  Norse Care has used the results of this review to consider how we could care for the residents of Burman House care home and older people in the local area, in a more cost-effective way.  This document sets out Norse Care’s proposal for how we could achieve this.

Why your views matter

The objective of our proposal is to find ways to continue to care for people in homes that can meet residents’ needs, but in a more cost-effective way.

When we are considering making changes to how we care for people, we need to understand what impact they would have on the care and wellbeing of our residents.  We know that making decisions about changing how we care for people are important and we take these decisions seriously.

 So, we need you to:

  • tell us what you think of the changes that Norse Care is proposing
  • help us understand what the impact would be on residents of Burman House and their families
  • share your thoughts about any other options that we might not have considered that would help us meet our objective of continuing to provide high quality care in a more cost effective way.


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