Bus Service Improvement Plan for Norfolk

Closed 5 Jul 2022

Opened 17 May 2022

Results expected 3 Jul 2023

Feedback expected 17 Jul 2023


This survey is for everyone who travels in Norfolk, whether they currently use buses or not. It is presented in two sections. Part 1 is to gather information about current use of and feedback on the existing bus service. Part 2 is an opportunity to give feedback on proposed measures and schemes outlined in Norfolk’s Bus Service Improvement Plan.

In March 2021 the Government published its National Bus Strategy - Bus Back Better - which aims to improve bus services across England but recognises that these schemes are best designed and implemented at a local level. In October 2021 the Norfolk Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) was published, you can read it in full below. Or you can download a copy from the 'related documents' section at the bottom of the page.

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Why your views matter

Norfolk County Council is working in partnership with local bus operators to develop and deliver the Bus Service Improvement Plan. Responses to this survey will help to shape their objectives. Resident feedback will provide an insight into the use and needs of the current service. It will also show which areas of the BSIP are most important to residents and what actions should be prioritised. Findings will help the partnership to determine where the current bus service offering is working, how it could be better and where it simply doesn’t provide what residents need.


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  • Anyone from any background


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