School term dates for the school year 2023-2024

Closes 17 Dec 2021

Opened 5 Nov 2021


Local Authorities have a duty to set the school term dates for local authority maintained schools, such as community and voluntary controlled schools.  Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided Schools and Academies are responsible for setting their own term dates.  In practice, most of the schools in Norfolk use the same term dates.

Schools must be open to pupils for 190 days in an academic year and 195 days for teachers. Home to school transport will be provided on the days the school is open to pupils.

Norfolk County Council works with other local authorities nearby to set proposed dates for an academic year – this is known as the Eastern Region Model Calendar.  We do this because we feel it is better to have a co-ordinated approach to setting school term dates to minimise the impact on families and school transport providers.

Norfolk County Council is consulting on the proposed term and holiday dates for 2023 -2024.  There are two options to consider, please see the documents at the bottom of the page. 

One is based on the Eastern Region Model Calendar and the other is an alternative for Norfolk.  If this alternative option is agreed following consultation, it would mean that we would have different dates than our neighbouring counties of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, mainly at the start of the Spring term.

A summary of the start and end of each term is outlined below.  The half terms are the same in both options.  Please note that these dates do not include the suggested staff training days.

  Option A* Option B*
Autumn Term 5/09/2023 - 22/12/2023 06/09/2023 - 20/12/2024
Spring Term 09/01/2024 - 28/03/2024 04/01/2024 - 27/03/2024
Summer Term 16/04/2024 -19/07/2024 15/04/2024 - 19/07/2024

This consultation will close on 17th December 2021.  The results of the consultation will be published on Norfolk County Council's Website in Spring 2022.

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