Mulbarton schools reorganisation - initial consultation

Closed 22 Nov 2016

Opened 4 Oct 2016

Results updated 13 Dec 2016

In pursuant of the delegated powers granted to the Executive Director of Children's Services by the Children's Services Committee (10 July 2014) and in accordance with the School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools)(England) Regulations 2014, permission has been granted for a public notice to be issued on the proposal to extend the age range of Mulbarton Infant School and to formally close Mulbarton Junior Scool. 

The Public Notice will appear in the Eastern Daily Press (and on this web page) on Friday 3 February 2017 and the representation period will be open for a period of 4 weeks to allow all stakeholders to make comments.


Proposal to amalgamate Mulbarton Infant School and Mulbarton Junior School into a single all-through primary school for pupils aged 4 - 11 from 1 September 2017

Since September 2013 Mulbarton Infant School and Mulbarton Junior School have been in a successful partnership.  The Governing Bodies of both schools now wish to take the next step and legally combine into a single school.

In order for this to happen, legal steps have to be taken.  Norfolk County Council will publish:

  • a proposalto extend the age range to take in pupils for 4 - 11 years of age at Mulbarton Infant School
  • at the same time, a proposal to close Mulbarton Junior School.

Norfolk County Council supports the Governing Bodies wish to create a single primary scool to be called Mulbarton Primary School, but we need to hear your views before a final decision is made. 

Comments on this initial consultation can be made by contacting the School Organisation Team (Bay 10, Floor 8, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DL), by email to or responding to this online survey.

The consultation document can be downloaded from the link below.





Why your views matter

We want to know what you think of the governors proposal. 


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