Marsham catchment consultation

Closes 15 Dec 2023

Opened 6 Nov 2023


Norfolk County Council is consulting on the proposal to change the catchment area of Marsham Primary School (Foundation), from 1 September 2024.

Our proposal is linked to a proposal by the Governors of Hevingham and Marsham Federation who are proposing to close Marsham Primary (Foundation) School with effect from 31st August 2024. This means we need to review the catchment area that is linked to Marsham Primary School, if the closure proposal is agreed.  Full details of the Governors’ proposal can be found at the bottom of the page on this link;

Norfolk County Council is proposing to change the Marsham catchment area, by including it into the catchment area of Aylsham.  The pupil forecasts for Marsham are low and the Council feel there will be space at the Aylsham schools for pupils within the new catchment area, subject to parental preference.


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