King’s Head Meadow play area

Closed 23 Sep 2016

Opened 5 Sep 2016

Results updated 7 Oct 2016

Nortfolk County Council have now published their report, which you can read here or download from the link below.


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On Friday 12th August, Wymondham Town Council (WTC) accepted an offer from Norfolk County Council to help facilitate a process to seek the views of members of the community in Wymondham regarding the future of the Wymondham Playground at King’s Head Meadow (KHM) which was installed in August / September 2014.

 NCC have listened to as many voices as that want to be involved in the process and acknowledge each viewpoint as equally deserving as the other.

NCC’s role in supporting this process is not as a decision maker on the chosen action to be taken by Wymondham Town Council, but to provide a clear communication space for people from across the town to come forward and participate in the process and to identify any potential solutions to the current unrest. The ultimate decision making authority lies with Wymondham Town Council.

The final report aims to set out clear options for Wymondham Town Council to consider, alongside interested parties from the community, including young people and is based on the responses given by those who have been involved in the process. 

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in this process.

What happens next

After September 23rd, County Council officers will begin to review all the feedback received, and  will then submit a report containing key findings to both Wymondham Town Council and the KHM Playscape Group

This report has been submitted to both Wymondham Town Council and the KHM Playscape Group.  It has been made available via Wymondham Town Council website.  We are also emailing or posting it to individuals or groups would have asked for a copy.


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