Primary education in Gayton, King's Lynn

Closed 8 Jul 2016

Opened 10 Jun 2016


Proposal to change the age range and expand Gayton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School.

What are we proposing?

This Public Notice is being published jointly by the County Council and the Governing Body of the school, with the support of the Norwich Diocesan Board of Education. The proposal is connected with the proposed replacement of the current school building on a new site in the village.  The new building will have a larger capacity than the current building and will house all children in permanent accommodation. The proposed enlargement is to fulfil the County Council’s commitment to provide accommodation for the full primary age range, following reorganisation in the area in 2011, and to take account of population growth in the area served by the school.

The planning application for the new building has been submitted and is being considered by the Local Planning authority for the scheme, which is the County Council. Details are available on the Planning section of the County Council’s website. 

To view the Public Notice and Prescribed Information please click on the links below.

There is now a period of four weeks from the publication date of 10th June 2016 when any person may object to or make comments on the proposal.

At the end of the four week period the Executive Director of Children's Services will make a decision on the proposal based on the outcome of this Statutory Process.


22 July 2016 update:

Having considered all of the factors required by the Guidance for Decision Makers published by the Department for Education, Michael Rosen, Executive Director of Children’s Services, has determined in favour of the proposal to change the age range, expand the capacity and relocate Gayton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School.  A copy of the Determination Notice can be found below.






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