Caister Infant (Community) School and Nursery

Closed 22 May 2020

Opened 20 Apr 2020



On  22 July 2020, in her role as Decision Maker, Sara Tough, the Executive Director of Children's Services agreed that the following proposal should be implemented:

  • to change the age range of Caister Infant School & Nursery from 1 September 2020.


Consultation on proposed change of age range at

Caister Infant (Community) School & Nursery, Caister-on-sea

Norfolk County Council is asking for views on the proposal to change the age range from 2-7 years to 4-7 years, from 1 September 2020, at Caister Infant (Community) School & Nursery.

This proposal relates to a change in how the early years provision is managed.  Currently the school offers maintained nursery, as part of Caister Infant (Community) School & Nursery.

Caister Infant (Community) School & Nursery still want to provide nursery provision, but would like to manage it via Section 27 of the Community Powers Regulations, not as part of the main school.  To do this Caister Infant (Community) School & Nursery must legally change the school age range.

The Nursery is popular and provides 26 sessional places.  It was rated Good by Ofsted in June 2016.



Why We Are Consulting

We would like to know what you think about our proposal to change the age range at Caister Infant (Community) School & Nursery, from 1 September 2020.



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