Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review – Preferred Options Consultation 2019

Closed 30 Oct 2019

Opened 18 Sep 2019


The current Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan is made up of three documents:

•    The Norfolk Core Strategy and Minerals and Waste Development Management Policies DPD
•    The Minerals Site Specific Allocations DPD 
•    The Waste Site Specific Allocations DPD

These plans cover the period up to 2026. As the Core Strategy was adopted over five years ago we are now carrying out a joint review of these three plans to make sure that they are up-to-date, to extend the Plan to 2036 and to consolidate them into one Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan (M&WLP).  

We are calling this process the Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review (M&WLPR) Our M&WLPR Initial Consultation document includes:

- A forecast of the amount of waste that we need to plan for up to 2036 and the policies we propose to use to decide planning applications for waste management facilities. We are not proposing to allocate sites for waste management facilities.

-  A forecast of the amount of sand and gravel (1,868,000 tonnes per annum), carstone (121,400 tpa) and silica sand (750,000 tpa) that we need to plan for up to 2036 in order to provide a steady and adequate supply of minerals. It also includes the policies we propose to use to decide planning applications for mineral extraction and associated development.  

- All the sites that were proposed for mineral extraction in response to our recent ‘call for mineral extraction sites’. This includes 40 sites for sand and gravel extraction, one site for carstone extraction and three sites for silica sand extraction. We have also included our conclusion on the suitability of each site. 

- Four areas of search for future silica sand extraction.
In addition to the Preferred Options Consultation document, we have published the following documents which provide information to support the M&WLPR:

•    Sustainability Appraisal Report (Parts A and B) (shows social, environmental and economic impacts of the M&WLPR)
•    Habitats Regulations Assessment Task 1 (of impacts on European-designated nature conservation sites)
•    Waste Management Capacity Assessment (contains data on current waste management capacity, waste movements, existing and forecast waste arising in Norfolk)
•    Silica sands AOS E and SIL 02 -Historic Environment Impact Assessment – Designated Heritage Assets (assesses the potential impact of Area of Search E and proposed site SIL 02 on the setting of listed buildings and scheduled monuments)

Why We Are Consulting

We want your views on our Preferred Options Consultation on our Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review.

We will publish any comments you send on Norfolk County Council’s website. Once the Preferred Options Consultation closes we will take into account the comments made and prepare a Submission version of the M&WLP.  

There will then be a period when people can send in any formal written comments on the plan, known as representations, before we submit our final M&WLP for examination by a Planning Inspector on behalf of the Secretary of State.

What Happens Next

You can respond to this consultation in the following ways:

- Online by clicking on the link below

- By email to: LDF@norfolk.gov.uk

- By post to: Planning Services, CES, Norfolk County 
Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH

This consultation closes at 5pm on 30 October 2019


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Environment
  • Planning
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