Norfolk Cycling and Walking Action Plan

Closed 29 Apr 2016

Opened 29 Feb 2016

Feedback expected 3 Jun 2016


Norfolk can boast a wide array of walking and cycling initiatives and have great success in the past at developing our walking and cycling networks.

We want to encourage people in Norfolk to travel more actively so we are developing a Cycling and Walking Action Plan.  

As well as joining up existing initiatives, we want our plan to inspire everyone in Norfolk to walk and cycle more. 

Why We Are Consulting

We have worked with our partners to develop a draft Cycling and Walking Action Plan.  

We now want your views on our vision, our plan and what you think our priorities should be.

What Happens Next

Thank you for your views on our Cycling and Walking Action Plan.  We will take your comments on board when preparing the final version which will go to Committee in May.


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  • All residents
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  • Voluntary groups and organisations
  • Schools
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • District councils
  • NHS


  • Environment
  • Planning
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