Your views on information and advice services

Closed 9 Dec 2016

Opened 28 Oct 2016

Feedback updated 21 Feb 2017

We asked

What your views were on our proposal to save £0.063m in 2017-18 by changing the way we provide information, advice and advocacy.

You said

It's important to offer choice in how information and advice services can be accessed and that staff have an important role in delivering information and advice services.

We did

At our Council meeting on 20 February 2017 councillors agreed to delay making this saving until 2018-19.

Results updated 8 Mar 2017

Our county councillors discussed this proposal at their Council Meeting on 20 February 2017.  The Council agreed to delay this proposed saving until 2018-19.




We currently spend around £1m each day on adult social services and are planning to increase the overall amount we spend on adult social services in 2017/18.   However, the demands on adult social care continue to change so even with the investment we are making in services we still have savings to find if we are to continue to meet people's care needs.

Those who do receive support from the Council often need complex care package delivered in their own homes, to support and maintain their quality of life.  We have to get the right balance between spending money on people’s existing care needs and spending money that helps people live well and independently in the community.

We want to focus the budget that we have on services and support for the wider community and develop a more inclusive approach that helps people to access services in their communities.  This support helps delay, or even prevent people from needing formal care services in the future.

Information and advice services are crucial to our policy of helping people to remain independent.  Receiving information at the right time helps prevent people needing formal social care services at a later date.  We want to review these services so that we can target them more effectively at preventing people from needing further care.

Why your views matter

We were already looking at information and advice services and starting to think how we could look at these services together.  Although this work was already in progress we now need to take an urgent look at how these services work because of the need to make savings to our adult social care budget.

We are engaging with people who use our services, carers, providers and partner organisations to help work out how best to provide information and advice services.

We want to find out more about what people value about information and advice services and hear what ideas people have about how we can work differently to help people get the information and advice they need early on whilst making the money we spend go further.

We will feed back the findings from our consultation to our Adult Social Care committee as part of the evidence they will use to help them come to a decision about future services.

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What happens next

We will take a report to our Adult Social Services Committee on 23 January 2017.  This will feed back the comments about our proposals.  The report will include the ideas that we have developed with others to run these services differently and recommendations about how these serviices could work in the future.  Members will use this as part of the evidence they take into account when making a decision about what savings to make and the future shape of information and advice services in Norfolk.



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