Building a Better Future in Norwich

Closed 28 Aug 2015

Opened 4 Jun 2015

Results expected 21 Sep 2015

Feedback expected 28 Sep 2015


Norfolk County Council’s Building a Better Future strategy aims to replace care homes with new Housing with Care schemes and specialist care homes for people with dementia. This was agreed by Norfolk County Council’s Cabinet on 11 October 2010.

This strategy was the result of extensive consultation about the future needs and aspirations of a growing older population. People told us they would prefer to remain living in their own home but, if this was not possible, they would rather live in a Housing with Care scheme than a care home. People also told us that the standard of accommodation in Norfolk County Council’s care homes was not of a standard that older people expected.

In April 2011 Norfolk County Council transferred its 26 care homes and 13 Housing with Care schemes to a new company, NorseCare. They are part of the Norse Group, a company which is wholly owned by Norfolk County Council. NorseCare is able to access funding to help transform the accommodation which is not available to councils.

In accordance with this strategy NorseCare successfully transferred their care service from a residential care home into a purpose built Housing with Care scheme in Aylsham in 2012. The residents from the care home were supported to move across and the home closed. NorseCare has built a new specialist dementia care home with 88 beds in Gorleston, and residents in three care homes in the Great Yarmouth area moved into the new home in June 2014.

The next stage of the programme now begins in the Norwich area.


Why We Are Consulting

To meet the aims of the Building a Better Future strategy in Norwich NorseCare is building a new care village in Bowthorpe, Norwich which will open in 2016. This will consist of an 80 bed specialist dementia care home and a Housing with Care scheme that has 92 self-contained apartments and includes a shop, café, hairdressers, restaurant and a garden.

NorseCare has also looked at the long term suitability of its existing care homes for current and future residents in accordance with the Building Better Future strategy. In particular NorseCare is now looking at four care homes in Norwich. These are Heathfield, Somerley, Philadelphia House and Mountfield.

NorseCare considers that it can better meet the Building a Better Future strategy by moving their services from these four care homes to the new care village in Bowthorpe. This could therefore involve the closure of one or more of these homes in Norwich.

Norfolk County Council must agree any of NorseCare’s proposals before they can be implemented. Norfolk County Council and NorseCare are therefore carrying out a consultation together to find out what people think about the proposals before any decision is made.

Please read the consultation documents below and then click on the link to give us your views

What Happens Next

We will feed back the findings of this consultation to the NorseCare Liaison Board. Taking the feedback into account, the NorseCare Liaison Board will then make a recommendation to Norfolk County Council. The Executive Director of Adult Social Services, along with the chair and spokespersons of the Adult Social Care Committee will decide whether or not to accept NorseCare's recommendation.

If NorseCare recommend closing any homes and Norfolk County Council approves the proposal, NorseCare will make the decision to close the homes. NorseCare would then put plans in place to ensure that residents are fully supported throughout the process.


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